On one of those sites selling lifestyle homewares
I notice a print for sale
A Hearing Gull.

I’ve heard of hearing dogs that bark for doorbells
But a hearing gull?

At once, I see my own gull – cold-eyed,
A cruel mouth, but loyal
His name – Gabril.

He alights crisply on the garden table and speaks.
“I hear the cracking of the eggs
Soon, beware the swans.”

“The noise beyond the houses is a helicopter
Hovering above a crash…
There is blood.”

“I hear a roar of angry air above the clouds.
The geese will not fly tomorrow;
Pinion the barbeque.”

And then I see another featured print…’Black-headed Gull’
And realise that a human finger
Has typed ‘a’ instead of ‘r’.

In a single instant, gone is the hearing Gabril
Brushed from existence
By a typo.

Hearing gull