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Nell Garwood knows she is to blame when thirteen-year-old Rachel falls ill with depression. Isn’t it always the mother’s fault?

Three men in Nell’s life think differently: Alastair, her charmingly indulgent husband; Martin, the public school chaplain whose faith is blighted by forbidden desires; and Lewis, the celebrated child psychiatrist with an unquiet conscience.

Then there is Juliet, Nell’s best friend, who has always been on her side. Or has she?

As epiphany and tragedy collide one hot July night, Nell has to face the truth about the people she most trusted – and herself.

All Desires Known, by Tanya van Hasselt, writing under her Dutch maiden name, is published in paperback and as an Ebook. It’s available from Amazon/online bookstores as well as Waterstones and other bookshops. Here’s the complete cover, flaps included.Image