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Steven McKay was a meter reader in Glasgow who dreamed of writing historical novels, but faced constant rejections from publishers.

Having taken three years to produce the 97,000-word Wolf’s Head – about Robin Hood – he refused to give up and turned instead to Amazon and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

He has now sold thousands of copies of his first book and over 4,000 of his sequel – The Wolf and The Raven. He also makes use of other services such as Createspace, which allows authors to produce hard copies of their work. At the click of a mouse the books are printed on demand, there isn’t a warehouse full of them.

His books are also available in the Kindle Owners Lending Library, available for Amazon Prime customers, whereby Kindle readers can borrow one book per month, and via the Audiobook Creation Exchange, where a voiceover artist records the novel so that it can be released as an audio book.

While Steven McKay still has to read meters, he is a published author who supplements his income from his craft. His books are published under the name Steven A McKay.

Thinking outside the box is clearly worth doing.