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Reading reviews of one’s published writing can be a mixed experience. Grateful pleasure when the reviewer has understood what one was trying to achieve, a disconcerting recognition that a particular criticism may be justified and occasional irritation when it’s obvious that the reviewer has apparently only read the first and last pages.

A clear, accurate and sensitive review of Tanya van Hasselt’s novel All Desires Known  in the Church Times 7th November written by Sarah Meyrick left the author feeling thankful that here was someone who appreciated the story for what it was – and who wanted more about the character at the religious heart of it. But this will have to come in another novel…

Here’s an extract from the Church Times review, reproduced with permission from the editor.

‘… an easy and enjoyable read. The author clearly knows the world of schools from the inside, and paints a largely convincing picture of a family in meltdown. The book asks questions about betrayal and forgiveness – just how possible is this? What are the boundaries between patient and psychiatrist – and where does the responsibility for a patient’s well-being begin and end? Do we have a right to be happy?

‘The author’s experience as a writer of short stories (she recently won joint first prize in the Barbara Pym centenary competition) shows in her sure touch…’

The link to the Church Times: http://www.churchtimes.co.uk/