Short Fiction is an annual literary journal produced by the Faculty of Arts at Plymouth University and edited by Tom Vowler. Submissions (email only and up to 5,000 words) will be accepted until December 31 for publication in October 2015. There is no payment but publication offers useful exposure to struggling writers. Marina Warner and Kevin Barry have had work featured and contributing editors include Ali Smith, Toby Litt and Helen Oyeyemi.
Details from http://www.shortfictionjournal.co.uk

Little Brown’s digital literary imprint, Blackfriars, is holding an open submissions week from December 1, accepting unagented submissions until December 7. Publisher Claire Smith says writers should have finished their novel: ‘Finished as in having a completed narrative. A creative journey that’s complete. But not completely finished and edited.’
Details from http://www.blackfriarsbooks.com

Why wait for your New Year Resolutions’ list to push out your writing?