Palmer-Sterlings180¡Hola amigos!
Bienvenida a nueve voces. Son non nueve. No, no. Zey forget las mascotas, animales mucho importantes, no? We are also nueve: Sadie, Daisy, Yuki, Lucy, Archie, Flax, Rumble and Gay (both of santa memory). Also I, Honey. Makes anozer nueve, no?
Zey say “escritores”. No ees verdad. Truth, you say, amigos. No riters. We mascotas see zem when zey meet. Riters, ya,ya,ya! Zey drink cafe and eat, oh, zey eat all, pasteles, tartas, patatas fritas.
“Mi riting ees bad”, zey say. “Ees rubbish. You no want to ear.” Riters, ya,ya,ya! But zey good at food. (Y mi eenglissh es good, si? Maybe I wood be good riter.)
Zis ees Sadie and me listening to ze “rubbish”.