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A Different Joy cover 2

I’ve learned of a forthcoming book written to help parents of children with autism, dyslexia, ADHD and other special needs. It’s A Different Joy, and is by Sarah-Jane Critchley. She writes that she has “two amazing and wonderful children who don’t do things the way everyone else does” and she is also Programme Head of the Autism Education Trust.

A Different Joy is written to tell parents what they need to know to help them relax and enjoy their children. It can be read before, after, with or without a diagnosis. It contains reassurance and practical signposting to organisations, sites, research and further information, and is intended to be not just a guide to raising a child with special needs, but also how to do so with grace, humour and joy.

It includes chapters on the things that worry parents most:

• An introduction to sane-ish parenting
• Diagnosis, acceptance and moving on
• Know your child
• Neurodiversity – what type of difference and when does it matter?
• Surviving competitive parenting – of course it’s personal!
• Stamina – keeping going when it seems impossible
• Family dynamics, siblings and wider family
• Perfect schools don’t exist. How to find the best you can
• Bullying, vulnerability and resilience
• From surviving to thriving.

You can read more at http://differentjoy.com/, where a sample chapter can be downloaded and the book can be pre-ordered. Printed copies will be available in the autumn.