Just a reminder to anyone who thought ‘I must enter the Ninevoices competition’, followed by ‘The deadline is months away…’.

The deadline is May 31st, so it’s racing towards us at a rate of knots.  Each of us Ninevoices knows all about last minutes deadlines (some of us are proper tail-end Charlies, although one or two of us who aren’t me are very good at getting things in early).  For our sake, please don’t be one of the great rush on May 31st at midnight!  Thanks for all the stories so far; we’re looking forward to a good read.

Just to remind everyone of the details: the competition is open to everyone who’s earned £300 or less from writing in 2014, and all proceeds will go to PMRGCAuk, a charity for sufferers of linked rheumatic conditions that cause severe pain and can lead to sight loss.  First prize: £100, 2nd prize: £50, 3rd prize: £25.

For information about how to enter, go to our Competition page.  Detailed rules are on the Rules page.