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In Waterstone’s today I spotted a book (in the fiction section) entitled Working On My Novel by Cory Arcangel. Wonderful name. An irresistible, to me, title.

However, when I leafed through it, the book was almost non-existent. Lots of white space, interspersed with a short quote per page – from the writer and others – about the difficulty of putting pen to paper. I might have been tempted to spend £1.99 on it, but never £5.99.

I guess Penguin were seduced by the fact that these are quotes from this guy’s twitter feed and that he has lots of followers. He is a Brooklyn-based post-conceptual artist working in all kinds of media, including music and video game modification. He does not appear to be actually working on a novel, but I could be wrong. In which case, my apologies to him.

Envy. An unpleasant and shaming weakness. I shall now go downstairs and make myself a strong coffee, refraining from kicking the cat en route…

(Of course, I wouldn’t kick the cat – or any cat – but that’s the kind of feeling envy engenders. I have not had any rejections from Penguin personally, but probably only because I haven’t submitted to them.)