“It was said that when an Irish writer cried, he cried tears of whiskey.”

How about that for a touch of Blarney? But “Ireland has been blessed with great poets and playwrights down through the centuries.” We won’t argue with that. Congreve, Goldsmith, Shaw, Sheridan, Wilde, Yeats. Did they suffer writer’s block and cry tears of whiskey? Brendan Behan? Well, perhaps.

Irish whiskey was once the most popular spirit in the world. Then the Irish War of Independence, followed by civil war, and Prohibition in the US contributed to its decline. Now there is a resurgence of the industry with new distilleries established in recent years.

At a recent party we were presented – appropriately by our writer friends – with a bottle of a new whiskey blend Writers’ Tears. My husband prides himself on his encyclopaedic knowledge of Irish whiskies but this, from Walsh’s distillery, was a new one to him.

He’s not a writer nor prone to tears. So maybe it’s just for me. Thank you, dear friends. I feel an imminent writing crisis.