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The lovely people at Norwich Writers’ Circle announced the winners of their Olga Sinclair ‘mustard’ themed short story competition on the 20th October at the Anteros Centre in the city of Norwich.

There was wine, food and, best of all, readings of the three winning entries. These tremendous stories and the names of their writers should be on the NWC website soon – https://norwichwriters.wordpress.com – so please make sure you catch them when they hit the web. Rare African snails. A Japanese Cluedo fanatic. A yellow-painted nursery tinted with tragedy. But I mustn’t jump the gun and reveal too much, too soon.

It was a pleasure to be with NWC on the night and although I wasn’t one of the winners I did return home with a certificate for being one of the final ten on the shortlist – together with a handy book bag containing those well-known writers’ essentials: a pen, a poetry book, and a heavy slab of chocolate.

A beautiful city, a vibrant writing community, and advance news that there should be another of their open competitions in 2016. The theme (whisper it) will probably be shoes