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If, like me, you have the idea for a novel keeping you awake at night, Good Housekeeping currently have a competition you can’t afford to ignore.

Good Housekeeping, Orion Books and top agent Luigi Bonomi have teamed up to offer a writer who is unpublished and unagented the opportunity to see their novel in print. They are looking for entries in the crime/thriller and women’s fiction genres.

First prize is a book deal, a £10,000 advance, plus advice from Luigi Bonomi and the editorial team at Orion. In addition, ten shortlisted writers will be invited to spend a day in workshops with Luigi and Orion – and there are three Acer Switch 10E 2-in-2 tablet/laptops for the runners-up.

To enter, you need to send them a full synopsis of your story (no more than two A4 sheets), the first 5,000 words of the novel and a 100-word mini-biography, plus the entry form – which is available in the February issue.

I can find nothing about whether or not they expect the novel to be finished, either in draft or in a more polished form, but having a completed manuscript would do you no harm. Please study the small print, in case I have missed something about this.

The competition is now open, with a deadline of midnight on the 31st March.

My apologies for the exclamation mark – ninevoices have a habit of red pencilling such things – but in this instance I think I can get away with it…