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‘The chance of a self-published author getting their book reviewed in the mainstream press is the same as the chance of my dog not eating a sausage.’

So said Ros Barber in a piece explaining why she thinks ‘self-publishing is a terrible idea for serious novelists’ in The Guardian Monday 21 March, written in reply to the recommendations to abandon traditional publishing which followed her earlier article exposing the myth of the rich writer.

I enjoyed this remark; it made me laugh. I have a sausage-eating dog. But Ros Barber has certainly touched a nerve. I have just spent (wasted?) a couple of hours reading a stream of (mostly angry but also interesting, valid and instructive) comments on her piece.

Time better spent was reading Indie author Jane Davis’ explanation of why she’s cross with Ros. Jane argues the case cogently for self-publishing. No mention of sausages though.  http://jane-davis.co.uk