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We’d all love to get an email from the Bridport people saying we’ve been awarded one of their prestigious prizes – but don’t forget that there are plenty of other competitions out there worth aiming for.

Christopher Fielden‘s idiosyncratic short story competition To Hull & Back closed at the end of July and he’s recently announced that he received 284 entries. The Bridport competitions receive thousands. Think about those odds. Far, far better than the lottery or those Premium Bonds you were given by Great Aunt Violet for your eighteenth birthday.

Chris offers a top prize of £1,000, a second prize of £200, and a third prize of £100. On top of that (generous guy), he awards 3x£50 for highly commended stories and 14x£25 for shortlisted stories.

What’s not to like? That makes twenty monetary prizes on offer, PLUS the warm glow for each of those entrants of knowing that Chris really liked their writing.

To Hull & Back 2017 is now open, with a discount for early entry. Worth some serious thought, surely?