On Friday, after posting details of the competitions for September, I wondered briefly about having a go at the ghost story. But with no idea for a plot, and only days to go, I shrugged my shoulders and went back to working on my novel.

However, during the night I was restless – too many coffees, I suspect – and a story outline came into my head. Could I make the deadline? Could I manage something approximating a proper story within the time-frame?

Reader, I had a go. Ten minutes ago, I pressed the ‘send’ button and released a sketchy, barely-revised story into the ether. It wasn’t ready, but I had to send it off or admit defeat.

This was a positive result. My chances of getting anywhere depend on there only being five other entries! (There will be six stories read by actors at the Festival) And I’m actually nervous about printing off a copy and proof-reading the thing. BUT, taking part has resulted in me having a new story that I can work on, re-write, and hopefully ultimately turn into something worth having.

Hurrah for tight deadlines.