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I admire poets’ imagery, and their ability to convey such meaning or feeling in a few words (not my own forte, so I’ve not attempted to write any since school). That’s why I liked Jane Dobson’s Fragments of Love collection so much (see https://ninevoices.wordpress.com/2016/11/24/a-poem-that-was-published-in-the-times/ below).

And that’s why I like Lowering Awareness, new from Matt Chamberlain.  lowering-awareness It’s an interesting mix: some moving, some comic, some so descriptive.   Comic ones include ‘Give Me A Bell’, ‘Show And Tell, What The Hell?’ (which should be read by every reception class teacher!) ‘Porridge’ and ‘Toblerone’.  Then there’s the atmospheric and sad – ‘Stained Beauty’ (about Saddleworth Moor) moved me a lot. Loss – ‘Absence’ and ‘Far Away’ are two examples. Lancashire and Kent – both are evoked. Tribute is paid to David Bowie.

Read and reread, it’s worth it.

ISBN 978-1511655118 RRP £5