…but we did. After eight dogless months we decided that was enough, and Skipper came into our lives.
Both Skipper’s parentebp-skipper-11s, Mum bichon frise and Dad cavalier spaniel, are classed as toy breeds. Skipper, if he were required to reveal his ethnicity, would probably state “lupine.” As he howls into the darkness of the garden chasing away all phantoms and hobgoblins he proves he is no lap dog.
Now we no longer focus on the day-to-day needs of children or grandchildren, our Benjamin pup has established himself as the centre of our lives. We buy his expensive food – no supermarket cheapies for him – in bulk to economise (ha!). He has three winter coats and it seems he will embark on a grooming regime that surpasses our own.
Skipper goes to training classes and workshops. Our previous dogs learnt from their older companions, but Skipper is an “only” and demands the best. The classes that involve a pocketful of treats are tolerated until ten minutes before the end when Skipper’s body language says, ‘I’m out of here.’
He’s been here six months now. He’s just announced, ‘Mum, I’m a teenager now. Leave me alone. You can get back to your writing now. I’ve distracted you long enough. There’s a bird in the garden that needs chasing. Yohoooooo!’