This little exchange between my other half and my stepson was posted back in December 2015 – but I don’t expect much will have changed in the interim. Opening Christmas gifts from one’s menfolk is always full of surprises…

(A telephone rings)

OH: (Shouting up the stairs) I’ll get it! (Mumble, mumble, mumble) Okay, I’ll find out. (Shouting again) It’s Andrew! What do you want for Christmas?

Me: (Shouting down the stairs) A scarf would be nice. Something floaty. A soft, pinky mauve…

OH: She wants a scarf. What? Oh, blue, I expect.

Me: (A despairing shout) No! PINK…!

OH: (Fading towards garden) What did you think of Saturday’s match…?


Have a great Christmas everyone, with lots of creative surprises.