Many congratulations to Barbara Leahy, whose winning story is published below, and also has a page of its own – see link at the top.

We’d like to add that we had two aims in running the competition.

One aim was to encourage writers to write: either new writers just getting started, or or those who felt a little stuck.  We hope we were successful in that.

Our second aim was to raise money for a charity – PMRGCAUK – that’s little known and is at the back of the queue for funding.  In that, thanks to you, we know we were successful.  A cheque for all the profits will shortly be going to the charity.

Since the condition itself is so little known or publicised, but wreaks such havoc in suffererers’ lives, we plan to publish the accounts of some sufferers over the next few months.  To begin with, we share the story of our own Jane, who was struck down with a whole buffet table of illnesses over the course of tha last few years.

We hope this will help to shine some light on a crippling but little researched disease.