There’s been a bit of a Twitter craze recently to come up with really boring descriptions of famous books. The ninevoices decided to have a go. How many can you guess? Do you have some gems to challenge us with?

(Well, come on, what else is there to do besides shop for a Darth Vader facemask?)

If you want it, it’s here:

Name that book:

  1. Lawyer advocates protecting avian – and anyone resembling it.
  2. Old butler questions career choice but sticks with it.
  3. Man resents government, then changes mind. 
  4. Two friends take long walk to dispose of item of jewellery.
  5. 9-35 to Victoria delayed by adverse weather conditions and a police incident.
  6. After lifetime of misery woman marries disabled employer.
  7. Grain merchant reunited with wrong daughter
  8. Dyslexic child hangs siblings and self
  9. Young woman, poor judge of men, inherits farm.
  10. Island guests eliminated one by one.
  11. Fate of sisters in the hands of crotchety aunt.
  12. Draught under door leads, eventually, to capital punishment.
  13. House of seamtress’s employer collapses.
  14. Wild scenery, tame love story
  15. Professional mourner, accused of theft, gets more than he asked for.
  16. Professor with novelty timepiece solves riddles leading to the Louvre.
  17. Man makes long journey, has IT problems. 
  18. Sisters move to Devon, marry dull men.
  19. Woman who once swiped left and regretted it, gets second bite.