After a mug of coffee, a writer’s most valued accessories are often a cat (or dog) and a comfortable chair on which to sit and tinker with some editing.

So when I spotted an affordable inlaid mahogany Edwardian chair in an antiques shop in Edenbridge High Street I didn’t hesitate. The shop was at one end of the street and my car parked at the other, by the recreation ground, but it was not much more than a five minute walk and the chair, though awkward to carry, was light. Mission accomplished, I loaded the chair into my car and drove smugly home. (Apology for the adverb)

The chair was considered a success by my other half and would also, I thought, be useful for meetings of ninevoices at my house when nine seats were required.

HOWEVER, my resident beta-reader, Gizzie, immediately decided the chair was hers. It was adjacent to a radiator and it showed off her tail to perfection. End of story…