Short Story Competition – Shortlist 2015

Our judges have deliberated, and we have pleasure in announcing the shortlist:

    A Clean Break   –  Christine Griffin, Gloucestershire, UK

    A Gift from the Sea  –  Mike Watson, Co. Durham, UK

    And the Question is…  –  Jill Morza, Essex, UK

    Laptops and Coffin Lids  –  Sara Kellow,  Kent, UK

    Not Waving  –  Ellen Evers,  Cheshire, UK

    Paper Girl –  Beth Hurst,  Greater Manchester, UK

    Reciprocation  –  Lincoln McCarter-Nyberg,  New York, USA

    Sister Act  –  Frances Colville,  Dorset, UK

    Stick –  J. Cammish McKeen,  Buckinghamshire, UK

    The child they did not know –  Jane Borges,  London, UK

    The New You  –  Grayling Stone, Berlin, Germany

    28 steps – Felicity Cousins, East Sussex, UK


Our three winners will be announced in July.

Thank you, writers everywhere, for entering.


3 thoughts on “Short Story Competition – Shortlist 2015”

  1. John Bunting said:

    Congratulations to those on the Shortlist. Is there a Longlist?

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