You have reached that stage in your relationship when you can spend several days arguing about a shower curtain.

Well, all the big issues are behind you: where to live, the children’s education. And, as predicted by Philip Larkin, you made a haims of it. Time to stand back and watch your children repeat history. Not in the same way perhaps, but you know the end will be similar.

You should have bought the shower curtain you saw in Tesco’s. Five pounds, job done. It was for the Spanish holiday home and, if it wasn’t perfect, what’s five pounds? A charity shop could benefit if it was useless.
But, no, he had to argue. It had to be longer. So, as all the curtains in the shops were the same length, you spent time researching on line, found a longer one and ordered it at three time the price of the Tesco’s.
In Spain you hung the curtain. It was too long.
You had to alter it.
At home you are having a new bathroom fitted. It’s not having a shower curtain. Maybe there will be nothing to argue about.