ninevoices get invaluable support and inspiration from all our four-legged associates.

Glamorous, ash-blonde Yuki, and her companion, the one-eyed Lucy;  Flax, whose life’s ambition is to get her chompers on our crisps; pocket-sized Honey, who goes from lap to lap for cuddles like a game of pass-the-parcel;  Alfie, and his nameless tortoise friend who confuses red-painted toenails in sandals with succulent strawberries and tries to snatch a nibble;  and Daisy, who clears off into the shrubbery with a supercilious twitch of her black whiskers when the house fills up with writers.

Now, however, Bamber, who shows off by pirouetting along Val’s picture rail during sessions (oh, yes, he does – there’s photographic evidence), has an utterly adorable new friend: SKIPPER.