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Some autumn colour (from my bedroom window in Kent) to inspire you to enter one (maybe all) of the following November writing competitions. Please note that some of them are tomorrow.

HOWEVER – this is me, looking hang-dog about my deficiencies with technology. The post that follows was meant to go on-line on the 31st October. In fact, I was convinced that it had gone on-line then. But apparently I somehow boobed… My apologies for those who have now missed out on great opportunities like The Caledonia Novel Award, the Scribble Annual Short Story Competition and the Cinnamon Press Literature Award… I promise to try harder for the December post.

The Caledonia Novel Award requires the first 20 pages, plus a 200-word synopsis, of a novel by an unpublished writer. Prizes: £1,500 plus trophy. Entry fee: £25. Closing date: 1 November. Details: https://thecaledonianovelaward.com

Scribble Annual Short Story Competition for stories up to 3,000 words on the theme of ‘A Historical Story’. Prizes are: £100, £50, £25, plus publication in Scribble. Shortlisted entries may also be published at a later date. Deadline 1 November. Details: http://www.parkpublications.co.uk

Cinnamon Press Literature Award. 10 poems, 2 short stories or up to 10,000 words of a novel. Prizes: publishing contract. Entry fee: £18. Closing date: 18 November. Details: http://www.cinnamonpresss.com

The Bluepencil Agency Pitch Prize requires the first 500 words of an opening chapter and a 300-word synopsis. The prize is a one-to-one meeting with an agent to discuss how best you might proceed – an opportunity most writers would kill for. You are expected to have completed at least 10,000 words of the novel. Entry fee: £10. Deadline: 14 November. Details: http://www.bluepencilagency.com

Bath Children’s Novel Award for unpublished and independently published writers of children’s novels. Send first 5,000 words and synopsis. Prizes: £3,000 plus feedback; Cornerstones online course. Entry fee: £28. Deadline: 30 November. Details: http://www.bathnovelaward.co.uk

Retreat West Novelette in Flash Prize. 3,000-8,000 words total, made up of flashes up to 500 words each. Prizes: £150, £100, £50; publication. Entry fee: £14. Deadline: 28 November, Details: http://www.retreatwest.co.uk

Queen’s Knickers Award for an illustrated book for children aged 0-7. Prizes: £5,000; £1,000. FREE ENTRY. Closing date: 30 November. Details: http://www.societyofauthors.org

Ecologisers’ EcoSanta-themed Short Story Competition for stories for children featuring Santa as an eco-champion, under 1,000 words. Prizes: £100. FREE ENTRY. Deadline: 30 November. Details: http://www.ecosanta.co.uk

Fish Short Story Competition for stories up to 5,000 words. Prizes: 3,000 Euros for first, a week’s writer’s retreat plus 300 Euros expenses for second; 300 Euros for third. 7×200 Euros. Entry fee: 20Euros for the first, 10 Euros thereafter. Closing date: 30 November. Details: http://www.fishpublishing.com

Writers Bureau Flash Fiction Competition for stories up to 500 words on an open theme. Prizes: £300, £200, £100 plus Writers Bureau course. Entry fee: £5, £10 for three. Deadline: 30 November. Details: http://www.wbcompetition.com

As ever, we urge you to check details before entry, since deadlines and other requirements may alter.

The best of luck – somebody has to win these competition, why Shouldn’t it be you?